Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am officially a Nana! Jessica and Trevor had my grand-baby on July 25th. He was 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20.5 inches long and 9 days early. She was able to have a normal birth instead of a C-section which was a concern for the last couple of months. They are trying to keep things more private, so no posting of pictures or too many details on Facebook. Instead they have a private blog. My blog is also private, so I can post pictures here for those who are subscribers as well. We just ask that you be sensitive and careful when re posting or sharing photos.
He is a pretty priceless chunky monkey and I have already decided he will be a Drew. I will call him Roo. That will be his official "Nana" nickname and I hope Jess and Trevor are alright with it, since it's gonna stick. Pook knows all about those names sticking!

Jared and I get to travel to Anchorage next week to help out. I am excited! I will be more limited in my personal exposure to Roo since Jess and Trevor chose to move so far away, so I will have to make the most of it. I am talking to Jess daily. She is home from the hospital (came home in 24 hours) and is doing fine. Minimal tearing, nursing fine, just learning how to juggle Roo's needs along with hers. Trevor goes back to work tomorrow and I am hoping her ward is helping take care of her. I don't have many worries, since her ward threw her a baby shower shortly after she moved there, and when Trevor left for the Hill Cumorah Pageant (from June 28th to July 11th) her Relief Society president had her move in with their family while he was gone. I hope the nursing goes well. Roo's not the most robust eater just yet. I am strongly suggesting she get a breast pump to help her keep a decent milk supply until his appetite catches up.
Our family is changing rapidly right now, so there might be multiple posts in the next few weeks. I will try to keep y'all updated.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I know, I know . . .But Look! I'm Blogging!

Y'all are gonna think I do nothing but watch movies.
I will admit that it is my favorite thing to do when I have a quiet moment in the afternoon when I really should be doing something else. But, when I am "in a mood", for some reason there will always be something that radiates with me with every flick I watch. Today's in one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. My kids know how crazy I am about this film. Disney just doesn't make them the same anymore.
Anyway, the video description says "Pet alligators roaming the conservatory, a Bible-and-boxing school in the stables, and a delightfully eccentric millionaire make for unrestraed pandemonium in this musical extravaganza.
I am including the just one of my favorite songs-two wealthy "matrons" in the oldest competition of all-who is better.

Now the point of my day is this: at one time the daughter is introducing her fiance to her father-who is a little crazy and intimidating. She give some sound advice to Angie (the fiance). When Angie states that the father scares him to death, she suggests he stand up to him. Angie says "What if he punches me in the face?" Cordelia says "Punch him back-or better yet, punch him first!" Shortly after that the dad decides to teach the youngin' a lesson in boxing. Kicks his trash. Angie decides to "punch first" and shows the dad some martial arts moves-kicks his trash in return. The dad says "Pretty good, but you caught me unawares." Angie comes back with "Wanna try it again, Sir, this time 'awares?'" Hilarious, I know.
But the best part that made me giggle all afternoon is after Angie says this to the dad, Cordelia says "Angie, have you gone crazy?" And Angie looks at her and says with a perfectly straight face, "I think maybe I have . . . And I feel right at home!"
My family is crazy. We are certifiable. I know this. Most of us in the family know this. A lot of outsiders know this. It's not like we can keep it a secret. But . . . man-are we at home with each other. And it sure makes other people's crazy seem appealing sometimes. I try not to judge anyone, really, because we are the craziest of the bunch. But . . . if you ever need someone to talk to who might understand your situation . . .always find someone a little more crazy than you . . .and feel right at home.

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Magnificent Valor

You know how some days it just feels like an uphill battle? Even though you know in your head and your deepest of hearts that your life is spectacular, there is no reason to be discouraged, . . . yada, yada, yada.
Well, I was watching a movie today and had a "light bulbbb!"

So, the scene in "The Man in the Iron Mask" when the Musketeers are all charging the king and the Musketeers not committing treason. They decide that the effort is worth it, even if it kills them. They decide together that if they die, at least they are together and doing what they know is right. As they charge the army and the king,  D'Artagnan's second in command pauses just for a moment to stare in awe of  their "Magnificent Valor". I felt that way today.

Now, I know in the grand scheme of things, my depression the last few days is not a big deal. In the grand scheme. However, in my scheme of today, yesterday, and the day before, it seems insurmountable. I can't seem to shake it. I just get out of bed, continue on, and hope tomorrow is better. I can't see the end. I can't understand what is causing it. I don't know how to stop it. But guess what? I don't have to. Because to me, I have Magnificent Valor. I am charging ahead anyway-facing the overwhelming odds head on and screaming out my defiance. Today, I am a Musketeer . . .committing treason against myself, my body, and my brain. It cannot win . . . I can't allow it. That is valor. The definition of valor is "great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle." Today is my battle. Here's to living to fight another day.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Now, I make a general rule to not comment much on politics online. I have rarely seen it happen and not come back and bite the speaker in the butt. And nowadays with electronic monitoring, someone will be able to see 200 years from now that I make a snarky comment about an elected leader and it will haunt my descendents for generations. Just look at what happened to Paula Deen and a comment she made years ago-publicly loved, money making show cancelled, blacklisted, no longer talked about in "polite" society because when she was young, she commented . . .
However, as I watch my country slowly be torn apart by public opinion, media, unethical elected officials, and whatever you want to think is breaking down structure, I was reading fiction. Cause if you can't fix it you should go read a good book . . . I know, its lame, but there ya go.
Anyway, so I am reading a favorite series of mine, and there government (a monarchy) that is being torn apart by backfighting, wars over succession, and foreign foes all at the same time, the king makes a statement that struck me as so profound I wanted to share it. So forgive the long quote, but it is important to hear it all.

So the king states, "I look out my window each day. I look out my window at people who live and breathe. At people who have not been devoured by civil war. At people who have not been ravaged by disease. At people who have not starved to death, who have not been hacked apart by enemies of humanity, at people who are free to lie and steal and plot and complain and accuse and behave in all manner of repugnant ways because the Realm stands. Because law and order stands. Because something other than simple violence shapes the course of their lives. And I look . . . at a very few decent people who have had the luxury of living their lives without being called upon to make hideous decisions I would not wish upon my worst enemies, and who consequently find such matters morally appalling when they consider them-because they have not had to be the ones who dealt with them."

Now as I am an avid complainer about things I don't agree with, I think about having to be the one to make the hard calls. Do "do something truly Presidential" (or official in any capacity) and I realize that I did my job by being informed to the best of my ability and exercising my right to vote. I stay current and let my elected officials know my opinion on matters that I feel are important. I have no right to judge how they exercise their freedoms even if I elected them (or didn't). I am one of the few . . . the privileged . . . who has the luxury of living my life without being called upon to make hideous decisions because someone else is. I find I am more grateful today after reading a piece of "fluffy fiction" than I have been for most of my life. Thanks to all who make it possible for me to live the life I do. Thanks to the soldiers who live and die to let me live that life of luxury free from the hard choices. Thanks to my Father in Heaven who allowed this country to have the freedoms to choose, to vote, to complain, and to worship. Thanks to my husband who believes my place is in the home with our children so he works himself to death so I don't have to be "gainfully employed".
And last, but not least, just thanks.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time for Fall

I always have the best of intentions to update the blog more often. However, maybe we will just stick with during conference. I seem to do alrifht with that.
Christian got married this summer. He married one of the cutest girls I have ever met (that I didn't give birth to, anyway.) Shelby fits into our family seamlessly. She gives as good as she gets, and water fights with Jared as well as his own daughters.

Jess and Trevor went back to the Hill Cumorah pageant again. Trevor has completed school and is ready to start a "real" life. They are living temporarily in our basement while they are waiting to hear for jobs (unfortunately dealing with the government and the sequestration deal.) He is working for Jared in Layton for his apartment project and working on an internship at Salt Lake International Airport.
Connor and Tori are both in school. Connor is in first grade and Tori is in Kindergarten. I have 3 hours 5 times a week to do my own thing. Wahoo!!!!! However, time fills up so quickly, it is like there is no time at all. Tori is in gymnastics and so strong that she got to skip a couple of levels. So, at 5, she is in level 2, whick is pre-competition levels. What a girl! Connor is taking Kyuki-Do. This  is a Korean martial art that primarily incorporates elements of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Judo, plus weapons training. He is still a white belt, but is learning self-control which is very important to me.

Megan has moved out and is living in Layton. She is also working for Jared on his project and loves living closer to the job site. She is dating and learning to live independently and pay her own bills. I remember the shock of doing that as a youngster - she will learn. Joey is a sweetheart and they are cute together. We will see what happens there.